JUSTIN SHAPIRSHOW episode 4: New York Meets


The mostly theoretical Justin Shapirshow returns for approximately one night only to reconvene with regular/only guests Royal Pains’ Matt Feuerstein and Cardinals placekicker Tom Feely. The two proud residents of New York/New Jersey attended multiple worked professional wrestling events over last Wrestlemania weekend, including but yes limited to Wrestlemania XXIX and Dragon Gate United States of America, and they offer first-person insights only available here, such as who won the matches and the identity of the new WWE champion. They also dish the dirt and the deets on their summit with some of the heavy hitters in this industry (niche wrestling podcasting), among them a certain world-beater well-regarded ’round these parts. A show so check it out

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You can find more Justin Shapiro on Twitter: @jmshapyro

You can find more Tom Feely on Twitter: @omgitsfeely

(I don’t know if Matt’s on Twitter! Someone will correct this space later.)

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