School of Roc finale predictions


This has been fun.

Trash vs Vintage Heidi: It’s not that Heidi apparently was cleaning house on the other trainees on last week’s episode, it’s that she was just training at all. Trash appears to be focusing on complaining about not having any matches, watching matches, and disappearing (into some alternate dimension with different tastes in fashion?) Trash has spend so much time demanding to have a match that she can’t possible be actually ready for one, but is still somehow totally overconfident about her chances. Heidi wins.

Logan Williams vs Luis Rojas: Not a great matchup for Williams, giving up a lot of experience in this fight and probably has to deal with Jeremy Hadly getting involved in some way. Logan’s armbar is sudden enough to sneak out a win if Rojas takes him lightly, but this just seems like a situation where a veteran uses his tricks to take the win. Rojas wins.

Dale Patricks vs Jeremy Hadley: The Uprising likes to push people’s buttons, but it’s blowing up in their faces with Patricks. Rojas had Patricks beat until Luis incited him and Hadley might’ve defeated Remi if not for them continuing to mess with Patricks and Dale stopping their interference. Hadley appears to be more talented member of the team and should have the same edge Rojas has over Williams, but Patricks has the extra motivation and the track record. Patrick wins.

Nate Stone vs Reed Bentley: This one looks like an easy pick for Bentley. It’s a street fight, anything goes, and the rest of the League is right around to help. Even if Sue is busy getting ready for his title match, Tripp Cassidy has been lurking around for weeks with a suspiciously slow healing wrist (it’s been three months and he’s still wearing a cast! I call shenanigans!) Bentley on his own drew Remy in their first match and narrowly lost in their rematch while Stone went out much easier; he shouldn’t need any help, but just the presence of tilts the odds strongly in his favor. Still, it’s a street fight, Nate Stone is a bit out there, and the safe money is always on a crazy guy in a street fight. Even they don’t know what they’re capable when allowed complete anarchy. Stone wins.

Remi Wilkins vs Big Sue Jackson: Remi’s had the harder path thru the tournament, and really harder matches before the tournament. He’s done well all the way in matches, and he’s come from behind to take them at the last second. Remi would be the favorite over almost everyone else in this tournament, but just not Sue.

Sue’s just been killing dudes. The only time Sue’s gone over three minutes was when he wanted to put the fear of Sue into everyone and kept picking up Nate Stone so he could drop him back down ever harder. Remi’s 10 minute draw with Bentley was longer than all of Sue’s matches combined on Class Wars. Total complete dominance.

Remi’s best chance is to use that lack of ring time against Sue. Make Sue walk, make Sue run, just make him move for ten minutes and see if exhaustion can do more damage to Sue than any of the wrestlers have done some more. (Remi’s gotta pick 1 round/10 minutes too if he gets the choice – his best chance is a flash pin, it’s hard to figure him winning two rounds.) Sue’s a big man, the size has to work against him at some point.

The thing is – that was Dale Patricks’ best chance too, he seemed to know, and he still got flattened in under 3 minutes. Remi’s a bit farther along than his friend. Maybe that means here he can go five minutes, or six minutes, but I can’t imagine it can go as far as to get his hand raised. Sue wins.

(also, Sue is following me and I’m still a little concerned about that. This should keep me safe in Lafayette.)

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