JUSTIN SHAPIRSHOW episode 1: Survivors Guilt


Joe Versus The World ancillary character Justin Shapiro seeks out his own adventures in this disappointing spinoff.

Pilot: a groundbreaking interview with two local New York City street toughs,Royal Pains’ Matt Feuerstein and Cardinals placekicker Tom Feely, discussing their shared experience attending Survivor Series 2011 in Madison’s Square Garden. Contents include: boots, asses, the Ryder Revolution, Sin Cara’s jumping ability/lack thereof, Punky boosters, David Otunga’s music, and Jinder Mahal’s nothing. A show so check it out.

To listen to this show, right click to download the mp3 file here. You can add the show to your music player of choice via it’s RSS feed: . We hope to be in the iTunes listings soon.

You can find more Justin Shapiro on Twitter: @jmshapyro

Previous Episodes
(there are no previous episodes, this is the pilot)

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