book report: “Game Change”


Not really a report but I lack interesting titles and “stuff I want to say in brief about this but have no proper forum” is still too wordy.

Anyway, spoilers if you don’t want to know how the 2008 presidential campaign turned out, or the contents of a book over a year old.

  • There sure was a lot about Hilary versus Barack. I wonder what book this would be if a Republican won? Maybe only a third shorter but not read by anyone except hardcore polticios?
  • John Edwards, amazingly horrible person who might have been a decent guy long ago. Also: craaaazy. Edwards in becoming president in 2008 would’ve been very problematic, but then that’s probably a reason why he wasn’t.
  • All the spouses come off as problematic in their own ways. Michelle Obama does the best, but even she has an embarrassing gaffe to clear up. I barely knew Cindy McCain existed before this and she gets thrown under the bus, then the bus backs up and runs her over again, and then the bus takes her to a Phoenix Suns game. Astounding.
  • Unexpected sympathetic figure: Sarah Palin! Given not just a dream opportunity, but an opportunity that surpassed any dream she could’ve been harboring completely out of the blue. All she has to do is give the McCain people the answers they want to hear (regardless if she means them or not), and she can get it, of course she’s going to take the spot. It was the McCain people who put her in a position she was not ready for and didn’t have enough to support her in the VP role. Naming Palin as running mate seemed cynical from watching the campaign (and seems as much reading about the innerworkings), but it was just as messed up toward her as well. McCain didn’t set Palin up to fail, but he did set her up with no support and expect her to succeed on her own, which was little better.
  • Goofball Joe Biden is not something thought up to give the VP a required character trait. It’s real and it’s great.

I’m going to ban anyone who makes a political comment below. Ban them for life, ban them from life. I MEAN YOU.

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