05/06: Bandits 6 – Cougars 1


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there’s a big ad out in centerfield, the logo is mowed into the lawn, and an obnoxiously big patch on the right shoulder of every jersey.

From KC Cougars – 05/06/2011

This game felt more minor league than most. Both teams decided they were going to wear black jerseys, which looked totally absurd. Cougars have green accents, Bandits have red, but it was way too close. I can’t believe the umpires didn’t force one of them to change. The Cougars defended as well as a little league team, making five errors and not acquitting themselves well at other times. Bandits should’ve scored more than 6.

Leondy Perez was surprisingly effective when he wasn’t sabotaging himself (2 of the 5 errors.) He threw a lot of first pitch strike and never much threw balls. The Cardinals farm club was aggressive – enough to get 10 hits, but also allowing Perez to go 8 innings. I have not checked, but I’d be really surprised if anyone went 8 innings last year on the Cougars. Oakland’s pitch count cap usually was around 80, and I counted 102 for Perez tonight.

I haven’t yet looked into who’s supposed to be the prospects on this team (beside the really hyped named from the KC organization), but no one really looked good. It’s one game, it’s tough to tell.

Two more games in the next week!

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