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I was going to write a post about video games, but I’m going to save it later. And maybe elsewhere So, other stuff:

  • wrote my thoughts about Scott Pilgrim over here. I think that might have been the first movie I’ve seen in a theater in…uh, I don’t know. May go see Inception or something this week; I have time to kill in the early evening right about now. Haven’t bought the Scott Pilgrim PSN game, but may get it after I finish this week’s TV.
  • four fantasy drafts down, one to go. Did the single live on on Saturday. Always fun when you’re the person typing in all the info during the live draft and your battery dies and you’ve left the cord at home. I planned ahead and lived happily ever after. And picked up my silly trophy.
  • Someone drafted Fred Jackson, Vincent Jackson, and Ben Tate, and we are all so annoyed with him for showing up 45 minutes later and completely unprepared that we just let him do it. Late Guy also spent the last 40 minutes of the draft about how late we were going. Can’t imagine why. He won’t be coming back next season. Shouldn’t be this tough to get 10 sane people, and it’s not like we’re holding to a high standard of saneness.

    It was late. I left my house at 4:15p, didn’t get back until 2:15a. Draft actually wrapped before 11. Long discussion about how everyone did (with everyone declaring everyone who was still there did great, lying), midnight trip to Denny’s (as the people behind us discuss the best hiding spots in case of drive by – usual Denny’s) and a long multistop trip home. Still tired.

  • Last draft is tomorrow. The scoring rules are absurd. There’s a 0.00001% Seadawg is reading this (or anyone is reading this), but he knows his scoring rules are absurd. Five leagues, and only one league even close to ‘standard scoring.’
  • Would be genuinely surprised if there’s not another Cubs move before the deadline. And there many, many more critical issues for that team than who’s next year’s manager.
  • Kane County is 1.5 on the last spot with 9 to play. Can’t wait to see how this goes bad! Going on Sunday, probably going on Thursday. Maybe I’ll actually talk about these games.
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2005 trades in review


(by wins over replacement)

Mike Fontenot
2005 0.1
2007 0.6
2008 3.0 - also, totally awesome
2009 0.4
2010 0.1

Jerry Hairston Jr.
2005  1.0
2006 -0.6

Sammy Sosa
2005 -1.1

Cubs 4.6 (+ single A player)
O’s -1.1

I hope the outright player dumps to come this off season work out half this well.

Thanks for 2008, Mike Fontenot, but I don’t know why you were on team for the last year.

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