ModNation Racers


If I’m not writing things here, maybe I can use it to link to long-ish stuff I write elsewhere? Over on the-W, I wrote a post about the PS3 kart game I’ve been playing a lot lately. Game is good, post is eh.

The one thing I forgot, but is true of all almost games which have where you can create your own character, is it’s frustrating not to get all of the character options until you beat the game. After I’ve beat the game, I’m a lot less interested in who I’m using, you know?

My PS3 username is thecubsfan21. Someone has the non-numbered version; I forget I don’t ever six months or so. I may or may not accept friend requests. I used to not be in a hurry to do it, but now that I don’t care that someone beats by best times on Burnout Paradise, I’m much better.

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