Joe versus the Ted Petty Invitational


I kept pushing this off, but instead of just waiting until IWA-MS is back, I might as well get this up while it’s fresh in my mind.

Our hero Joe Gagne appeared on the Tom & [blank] Show, talking about the history of IWA-MS’s TPI tournament.

I also highly recommend the previous two editions of the Tom & [insert name here] show, where Tom & MaestroKen talk about crazy IWA-MS fans and more crazy IWA-MS fans. Even if you don’t know the people involved, it’s good stories about strange people.

If you want even more IWA-MS, check out Scott Christ’s recaps of 04 and 05 shows, plus Joe and myself on going to the 2005 TPI. Look how I excited I was back then, and out of control of the bold tag. Scott’s way out of wrestling now, but he runs a superb boxing site for SBNation: Bad Left Hook.

I really didn’t have strong feelings with IWA-MS when they “died” – not because they’ll be back in some form, but they were dead in the form most people cared about for a long time and had been irrelevant for a few years. Though it’s not really like *I* went to anything – just the ’04 and ’05 TPIs. I think I’m good for one big meaningful indy show every six months.

The 2005 TPI is one of my most favorite indy experiences ever, even though I think now I remember less things from the show (4 Super Dragons, Hero’s turn) then I do from the Steak N’ Shake after (chauffeuring Joe Gagne over, kids having sex in the rest room, telling people my actual name only for them to forget it by the end of the night like magic, randomly telling Adam Summers to get away from Zach Arnold) – and there’s a half dozen moments more I only remembered when I read Joe’s recap. I think MAYBE I’m going to GALLI this weekend, but I really need to kidnap people to entertain me. Or introduce myself to people there, a completely crazy concept on all levels.

No wrestlers have keys to my house.

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