What the heck was the point of…


What the heck was the point of that?

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I had a whole post about walking around Wrigleyville a few Sundays ago – the Sunday that would’ve been Game 5 of the World Series, a home game – and how desolate and empty and depressing the area was, and how I was still despondent and not ready to ride the rollercoaster again. The thing is, I think I was not ready to post about it either. It sucked, it still sucks, and it will continue to suck for a long time. Occasionally, I hope to find things that stumble me into feeling again.

Like yesterday.

This whole Kerry’s gone this is weird. You’d this is a situation where Kerry’s agent said he wanted a multi-year deal, the Cubs had to pass, and that was the end of that. No no on – Kerry was willing to take another one year deal, whatever it took to stay, and Hendry is pushing him out the door because he likes him so much he wants Wood to get a multiyear deal. I understand what Hendry is trying to do for Kerry, but I can’t think of another situation where a valuable player wanted to stay with a team, was willing to take a below market contract and was well liked by that team, and the team didn’t want him.

I think everyone who’s been a fan of the Cubs wants to see Kerry do well where ever he ends up, and I’m sure he’ll get one of the biggest ovations of the year when/if he returns to Wrigley. It’s just strange how it ends. If anything, this breakups indicates Hendry was worried about Kerry being a (bigger) injury risk or drop off candidate in ’09, and he wanted Kerry to get his money while he still could. Hopefully other GMs don’t feel the same way, because the closer market is busy enough. (And really really hopefully, the best offer doesn’t come from Milwaukee or Saint Louis, who both could use him.)

I’m not a Kevin Gregg fan – he seems like an average reliever who just happened to be the guy handed the ball for a year of saves and benefited from being in the one position in the bullpen with a counting stat people believe in. I heavily doubt he’ll be the closer with the Cubs; heck, I doubt he’ll even be the setup guy, if Gaudin can pitch as well as he did. Gregg is fine for a year, fine for not getting stuck with a 3yr/8mil Howry type pitcher in his spot, but I think he’s only better than the usual alternatives, not actually good.

The trade sounded a lot better when I thought it was Kevin Greed for Jose Ascanio, and not Jose Ceda. I guess Hendry was going thru withdrawal, not having built up the Marlins pitching with the best Cubs prospects for a couple of years.