10/20 PS3 Releases


PS3 Releases for 10/20, with newer later date than usual.

You know, I’d actually buy Monopoly – if it was a $5-10 PSN download and enough other people got it as well. The board game is $13 at Toys R Us; that must be some great HD graphics to be three times the cost.

I wish I could find some place with a bit more accurate listings. Amazon always has a bunch of stuff that’s out of date, and there’s no easy way to keep track of changes that I’ve found besides looking at each page and seeing if it really did come out. Other sites aren’t much better – at best, I can find out what came out that week, but future dates are unreliable enough to almost be useless.

Played thru LBP a bit last night and relieved to find out I’m not the only one having consistent server issues. You’d think they’d have something like this working before the games get out (especially with the extra time and all), but I guess you really can’t simulate the volume until the game gets out.

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    They usually do “release date revisions” when things change too.