PS3 Releases: week of October 13


I’m not posting these over here any more, because I just don’t have a good reason, but I still can link to the rundown. Highlights: scary game effective scary, thugging game effectively thugging. FIFA ’09 being great may cause the PS3 market share to dramatically increase (by 1 console!) If Sony is only going to release one PSN retro game a month (be it a classic or a revival like MegaMan), couldn’t they exploit genres that are little more lacking; there has to be a good PS RPG worth re-relasing.

I’d love to tell how NHL ’09 plays, particularly multiplayer. I could instead tell you how we went to 3 Family Videos, 1 Blockbuster video and 1 local video store to rent the game. Only 1 of the Family Videos had it at all for PS3 (of course it was out), the Blockbuster is actually no longer in business (Halloween shop) and the local store has moved to a smaller building and has all of 3 PS3 games for rent. So I can tell you how fun it for a couple people to drive around for two hours, listening to preseason basketball, and then ending up with nothing except a urge to justify just buying the game (if I didn’t have LBP coming…), but that’s even boring for this site. Hockey alone is still not so big in Chicago, but combine that with that PS3 and the fall of the video rental store and it’s apparently a niche inside of a niche instead of niche.

(Or we could’ve just called places before driving around, we realized later.)

GameFly last sent me PS3 Hot Shots Golf most recently, skipping over the top 3 entries on my Queue. I thought about just sending it back a week ago, but I just did that with a PS3 FF game I forgot I still had on there, and wanted to play something. Hot Shots Golf is fun, and probably a better multiplayer game than EA’s Tiger (though I think most adults would have able to get the cuteness of it all) and I’m glad I tried it, but I was so regretting not sending it back and trying my luck again

My goal is to write about LBP today, more than vague jokes, but we’ll see.

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