one last W


Greg Maddux earned career win No. 355 by limiting the Giants to one run in six innings on Saturday.
In what could have been his final ever appearance on a major league mound, Maddux passed Roger Clemens and moved into eighth place on the all-time wins list.

– rotoworld

I can’t say it wouldn’t be cool for Maddux to win 8 more and beat Warren Spahn for the post-WW2 record wins record only Brian Kenny cares about and Greg Maddux can do whatever the heck Greg Maddux wants to do at this point, but…it’s over, it’s been over for all season, and that is such a perfect way to go out that I hope he takes the exit this off season. He’s got so little left, even he can’t even make anything out of it. Even though he can put together the occasional great start, it’s no fun seeing him get lit just as often.

I think the only way the Cubs would be sad in a win is if they slaughtered Maddux in his last game ever, so let’s hope again that. (It’s also possible Maddux comes back and kills them one last time, so let’s hope against that one too.)