that blew


I spent the last 12 minutes of Burn Notice wondering if my TiVo had goofed, and was only grabbing the first hour of a two part final. There was surely not enough time resolve everything, which was right – instead of doing any of that, everything just went kaBOOM, just leaving enough time for “see you this winter, sucker”

When they’ve spent 3 months teasing the payoff to the main storyline, when the preview for this episode was “it’s all leading up to his moment!”, you’d to actually get the conclusion to the story. It’s till a good show, but they didn’t need to be so lame.

Seeing as Carla has killing off everyone else with the operation before the conclusion and pretty much knew Michael had an extra key card AND he’s super parnoid, he probably should’ve thought a little bit longer about booby traps. Seeing as I’ve watched television shows before, I probably should’ve been more parnoid when they noted there was a not-yet-seen person grouped with Carla’s other operatives; surely this operation had no chance of happening if there was a character not yet on screen.

what I learned this episode: as a spy, it helps to have many different poolside outfits

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