PS3 Releases: week of September 8, 2008


on the shelves

09/08: NHL 2K9 [metacritic]
09/09: NHL 09 [metacrtic]

Let’s make it easy – there’s not a review out there that puts 2K ahead of EA. EA gets copy like “the best hockey videogame ever produced.” (1UP) and “it’s one of the best sports games to be released in the last decade.” (IGN) 2K is slightly more arcade-y, but unless you’re anti-EA, NHL 09 is hockey game you want.

09/09: TNA iMPACT! [metacritic] Not good. It seems rental/”pick up and play”-proof, since you’ve got force your way thru enough of the single player story mode to get the guys you may want to play with in exhibition mode. That seems like a flip from most wrestler games, where the story mode is lesser priority. PS3 is said to be lesser than the 360.

in the store

Downloadable Games
Jeopardy! {$15} – photo realistic 3D set! Because the thing that held you back from buying this before was the backgrounds not looking accurate enough. 2,500 clues sounds like you’ll have enough to play for a couple weeks (expansion pack are promised for 2009) and online multiplayer including voice chat almost makes it worth it. The one catch I note is your responses are multiple choice – you’re not typing in the answers (err, questions).

PS1 Classics (4 weeks – oops)

Add On Content
– PAIN: a new environment (Amusement Park) with new modes for $6, and three new characters are $1 each.

– Rock Band
* “Two Weeks” – All That Remains {$1}
* “This Calling” – All That Remains {$1}
* “Charlene (I’m Right Behind You)” – Stephen and the Colberts (free)

I clearly have not been watching enough Comedy Central lately.

Guitar Hero III: Metallica “Death Magnetic” album {$18}
* “That Was Just Your Life”
* “The End Of The Line”
* “Broken, Beat & Scarred”
* “The Day That Never Comes”
* “All Nightmare Long”
* “Cyanide”
* “The Unforgiven III”
* “The Judas Kiss”
* “Suicide & Redemption J.H.”
* “Suicide & Redemption K.H.” (different versions)
* “My Apocalypse”

Game Demos
– FIFA 09
– Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Game Videos
– Golden Axe: Best Rider (trailer)
– FIFA 09 (trailer)
– NHL 09 (trailer, 2)
– Blitz: the League II (trailer)
– Saints Row 2 (trailer 2)
– Need for Speed Undercover (trailer)
– Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway (gameplay)
– Legendary (BTS, 2)

Movie/Blue-Ray Trailers

PS3 Wallpaper
– PAIN (3)

PS3 Theme
– Mirror’s Edge
– Need for Speed Undercover
– PAIN (4)

over the horizon (last updated 09/12)

09/16: Armed Core For Answer [metacritic]
09/16: Pure [metacrtiic]
09/16: Star Wars: the Force Unleashed [metacrtiic]
09/16: Madden ’09 En Espanol

09/22: BAJA: Edge of Control [metacritic]
09/23: Lego Batman [metacritic]
09/23: Cabel’s Dangerous Hunts ’09
09/23: Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway and limited edition [metacritic]
09/23: Buzz! Quiz TV Bundle [metacritic]

09/30: Silent Hill: Homecoming [metacritic]
09/30: Shellshock 2

10/07: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift [metacritic]
10/07: NBA Live 09 [metacritic]
10/07: NBA 2K9 [metacritic]
10/07: Fracture [metacritic]
10/07: NBA ’09 [metacritic]
10/06: Monopoly

10/14: FIFA Soccer 09
10/14: Rise of the Argonauts
10/14: Disney Sing It Bundle w/Microphone
10/14: Rock Revolution
10/14: Golden Axe: Beast Rider [metacritic]
10/14: SOCOM US Navy Seals: Confrontation Stand Alone and with headset [metacritic]
10/14: Saints Row 2 and Collector’s Edition [metacritic]
10/14: Dead Space
10/15: Naruto Ultimate Ninja : Storm

10/19: Rock Band 2, guitar and track pack
10/21: Midnight Club: Los Angeles
10/21: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
10/21: Bioshock
10/21: Legandary [metacritic]
10/21: Little Big Planet [metacritic]
10/21: Hei$t [metacritic]
10/21: Far Cry 2

10/27: Guitar Hero World Tour, with guitar and with full band kit
10/28: SingStar Vol. 2 and with microhpone
10/28: MotoGP 08
10/28: Highlander
10/28: PES 2009 Pro-Evolution Soccer
10/28: Fallout 3, Collectors Edition and Exclusive Survival Edition
10/28: Blitz: The League II [metacritic]

11/03: Tomb Raider Underworld
11/04: Tom Clancy’s EndWar and headset bundle [metacritic]
11/04: Lord of the Rings: Conquest
11/04: James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace and collector’s edition (oddly listed as coming out a week early)
11/04: Resistance 2 and collectors edition

11/09: WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 and collectors edition
11/11: Valkyria Chronicles
11/11: Mirror’s Edge
11/11: Call of Duty: World at War

11/14: Alone in the Dark [metacritic]
11/16: Shaun White Snowboarding
11/17: Need for Speed: Undercover
11/18: Sonic Unleashed
11/18: Karaoke Revolution: Presents American Idol Encore 2 w/Microphone
11/18: Prince of Persia

11/30: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and collector’s edition

Off the schedule entirely:
Ghostbusters – listed as “June 30, 2009”
Just Cause 2 – listed as “March 31, 2009”