Chiefs at Cougars, 09/01


This is the first day in ten I’ve felt non-exhausted and had any time to deal with it, so perhaps I could write some posts over here. Like, plural and not-PS3 involved and everything.

20080901aaa 059
(Ozzie Cougar, frustrated after yet another Ozzie Race loss.)

Over on Flickr, I posted a bunch of pictures I took at the last KC Cougar regular home game. They actually won in a huge blowout, but I’d seen enough losses (3-10 final record!) I wasn’t totally convinced thing were going to hold up until the game was over. Since it was the last game of the season, I took a bunch of pictures of the park and the shenanigans going on between each inning (“Fish or No Fish” only got better when everyone realized they were just using 3 of the same 9 questions for all 70+ games.)

20080901aaa 042
(FISH or NO FISH? The video board is not great, but not nearly as bad as it looks here.)

They’re supposed to add a deck for mostly skybox purposes this off season, and I wonder how it’ll change the feel of the place. I wondered this last season too and they didn’t get around to building anything at all for some reason, but since the new administrative building is well in progress next to the stadium, this is probably the year.

20080901aaa 082
(Leonardo Espinal, my favorite player in the second half of the season)

Why do you wear American Flag uniforms for Labor Day? (Because you have them!)

obFlickr: does anyone else use the desktop upload client? Why does it upload all the photos, and then freeze every time when it’s making the set? Maybe there’s a better version or something, but it’s annoying. Also annoying is the smallest size it’ll shrink my pictures to is like 800×600, which is still unnecessarily big and doesn’t leave me with much room. I don’t know if I’ll bring the camera to CHIKARA, but I don’t have much room to put them up there.

20080901aaa 067
All pictures of Joe Blanton are gigantic

Cougars did make the playoffs, but only for a nanosecond. I was not too surprised they got swept in a two game series, but disappointed I have no more minor league baseball to go to. I’ve got tickets for next Tuesday’s Cubs/Cards game and then I’m out. Now that I think about it, I need to post this and go sign up for the playoff lottery.

20080901aaa 083