the streak goes on


Timber Rattlers 8 – Cougars 7 (13)

They were coming in with a five game winning streak, they came back from being down 4-0, being down 7-3 and it wasn’t until the 11th, with Larry Cobb was touching third and rushing for home while the centerfielder scooped the ball and threw towards home that I thought I might actually see a win.

And then the throw beat him by a step. Cobb hit the catcher hard, hard enough to knock the wind out of him, but hard enough to knock the ball away. The Cougars bullpen did a remarkable job to keep this a game (Scott Hodsdon was game saving) but it figures it couldn’t last. Wisconsin had a perfect squeeze to get the go ahead run.

Attendance was announced 8,000, but there couldn’t have been more than 500 by the finish. Most of them were kids, having one last night out before school starts.

other stuff that sucked
– It was Dog Day at the park. Even if I wasn’t already not a big fan of dogs, having people suddenly stop in front of you because they need to gawk at one wouldn’t help.
– the road was closed, right before the park, due to an accident. Instead of going off to a side street and crowding back on to the road (which was all backed up), I thought I’d bypass the whole mess and just circle around to the park from the other direction…where it was even more backed up and slow. 5 minute drives taking 45 minutes is never cool.
when I’m there: 2-9
when I’m not: 64-50

one more regular season game (unless I end up going up on Labor Day) left.

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