the startling, scary truth


thru 118 team games, AVG/OBP/SLG (OPS)

Player L: 269/369/399 (768)
Player H: 277/313/482 (795)

Player L can be quickly identified as the beloved Kosuke Fukodome. He’s still credited for walking 10% of the time, but it’s more like 7% in the last couple months.

Who’s Player H?


i’m going to stand in line at midnight to get Madden ’09


So. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m doing this as people watching fun (standing in line, but ironically) and that Gamestop is so ridicously close, I might as well do it. Actually, Walmart is closer, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere (and their cashers are so slow late at night.) I have yet to actually walk to Gamestop yet, but it’s a five minute walk, if I walk slow.

This is at least the fourth straigtht year where I’ve vowed in January to skip a year and end up buying it within the first week it comes out. In my defense, I subcumbed to peer pressure.

I’ve barely played NCAA ’09 – maybe about 6 hours since getting it – because July and August have beenĀ  busy (and August and September aren’t looking better.) At least NCAA feels significantly better (roster bug aside) and I’m hoping Madden is the same.

When I have been having video game time, I’ve just been zooming thru whatever I’ve got in from GameFly. I just beat Lego Indiana Jones this weekend. The reviews were not as high on as the Star Wars game, and they’re pretty much right. It’s a lot more puzzle solving, occasionally in ways that don’t feel natural (you mean I have to move this piece ledge by ledge by dropping it, jumping to the ledge, and using my whip to pull it apart, and I’m supposed to know to do that despite never doing it before?) It was also like two-thirds of the game before I realized how the unlock blocks were supposed to work, not that I got any.

Anyway, I’ll probably wander over to Gamestop around 11:40, hoping for something amusing to happen.