attn: theDugout



Also, I seriously had a conversation about Cookie Monster being the best monster last night, so there’s no way I’d be employing goons/friends who would ever attack him. On the other hand, I totally would say this:

TheCubsFan: did i just hear you besmirch the great name of mike fontenot

the Secret Weapon is like my second favorite guy on the team right now, just a slight turn around from when I wanted him cut during spring training. Fontenot can hit base clearing doubles and towering home runs, and he’s still not allowed to go on most rides at Six Flags.

Who’s #1?

(lots on the Cougars/Chiefs game tomorrow, once I get my camera back. It wasn’t as apocalyptic as I made it sound on twitter, but it was still pretty crazy for 15 minutes and I’m out of today after walking around the rain for an hour.)

3 Responses to attn: theDugout

  1. Soto?

    Somehow when I read the Dugout this morning I did not instantly think of you, and I am ashamed.

  2. Soto!

    I actually did not see it (until it was pointed out to me on the-w), because I forget Fanhouse has posts that don’t appear on it’s front page (and have no idea how how that works) and only check on the MLB page periodically. I just need to start RSSing everything, since I check that insanely often.

  3. So, since you and Brandon had the Twitter conversation about how he wrote on DDT Digest, does this mean that this was an actual reference to you (without you knowing it)?