Game 67: Cubs 3 – Braves 2


Braves 32-35
Cubs 43-24

POTG: CF Jim Edmonds (HR, SF, R, 2 RBI)
Runner Up: 3B A Ram (H, 2 BB, 2 R), C Soto (3 H), SP Z!!! (7 IP, 8H, 2R, 3BB, 3K, QS; H), RP Wood (2 IP, H, BB, 4 K, W)

I had this post written up, and I don’t know what happened. It was something about Soriano’s injury not seemingly like a big deal with everyone else hitting, and a bit about the Cubs getting big improvements at three positions three different ways

LF – big contract
CA – player development
CF – freely available talent

It’s a testment to the job Hendry’s done this season that he’s be able to find talent in many different ways. There’s certaintly a lot of money spent on this team, but it wouldn’t work without the young talent they’ve drafted and improved in the minors, and without finding the two CFs they got for basically free. Edmonds kept the Cubs alive, and Reed got knocked for the winning run.

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  1. Nothing about the throwback jerseys worn for this game or the wacky WGN telecast?

    A shame, as I had been waiting weeks for that report. >: