PS3 Releases: week of June 23, 2008


on the shelves

06/23: Battlefield: Bad Company (and Gold Edition) (metacritic) – although the ads seem to focus on the single player mode, with the different characters in your group and the ability to blow up just about anything, the reviewers rave more about the team based multiplayer mode. Game is generally well received, with criticism pointed at the AI intelligence (which is solved in multiplayer) and the lack of a multi-player story mode (which seems natural given your group of four people.)

06/23: Top Spin 3 (metacritic) – inverse of the other tennis games: hyper realistic, tough to pick up and play. Reviews vary wildly depending if the reviewer could pick up the control system. Everyone agrees that it takes a lot of time and practice. Real rosters, though I find it utterly bizarre Nadal would be a PS3 exclusive (apparently he’s going to be DLC for 360.)

06/24: Hellboy: The Science of Evil (metacritic) – game released to coincide with movie, so, yea, not good.

06/24: Wall-E (metacritic) – see above! not reviewed as much but apparently slightly better.

06/24: Hail to the Chimp (metacritic) – not wildly reviewed, but not well reviewed. I’ll hold out hope for another week.

06/24: Overlord: Raising Hell (metacritic) – an XBOX 360 port from 2007, you’re a fantasy villain trying to create your horde of followers. I’m not sure what to make of it. Some reviews call it unplayable due to massive graphic issues, others say they’re minor.

in the store

Downloadable Games

PS1 Classics (2 weeks)

Add on Content
– PAIN: Nigel character {$1}
– Guitar Hero III
* “I Am Murloc” by Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain (World of Warcraft Single)
– Rock Band
* “Crackity Jones” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Dead” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Debaser” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Gouge Away” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Here Comes Your Man” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Hey” – the Pixies {$2}
* “I Bleed” – the Pixies {$2}
* “La La Love You” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Monkey Gone to Heaven” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Mr. Grieves” – the Pixies {$2}
* “No. 13 Baby” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Silver” – the Pixies {$2}
* “Tame” – the Pixies {$2}
* “There Goes my Gun” – the Pixies ($2)
* or buy the whole album for $19, saving $9
* “Dreamin’” – Weezer {$2}
* “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” – Weezer {$2}
* “Troublemaker” – Weezer {$2}
* or buy the 3 pack for {$5.50}

Game Demos
– Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds
– Top Spin 3

Game Videos
– Battlefield: Bad Company (TV Spot, character blog)
– Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway (trailer)
– Call of Dusty: World at War
– the Incredible Hulk
– HAZE (song, launch trailer for a game that came out a month ago?)

Movie/Blu-Ray Trailer
– The House Bunny
– So I Married an Axe Murder
– Men In Black

PS3 Theme
– PAIN: Nigel
– Playstation Network

PS3 Wallpaper (2 weeks)

over the horizon (last updated 06/13)

06/24: Hail to the Chimp (metacritic)

06/29: Guitar Hero Aerosmith and bundle (metacritic)

07/08: Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution (metacritic)
07/08: Beijing Olympics 2008 (metacritic)
07/08: Monster Madness: Grave Danger (metacritic)

07/15: NCAA Football ’09

07/25: WipeoutHD (download only)

07/29: Soulcalibur IV and Premium Edition

08/12: Madden NFL 09 and (20th Anniversary Edition

08/15: Afro Samurai
08/19: Rapala Fishing Frenzy

08/31: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
09/01: Pure

09/02: TNA Impact!
09/03: FaceBreaker
09/03: NFL Head Coach ’09

09/08: Lego Batman
09/09: Legendary: The Box

10/01: Baja

11/01 (maybe): Hei$t (metacritic)

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Game 65: Cubs 10 – Braves 5


Cubs 41-24
Braves 32-33

POTG: C Soto (HR, 2H, 2R, 3 RBI)
Runner Up: LF Soriano (2H, SB, CS, IBB, 2R, 2BB), 1B D Lee (HR, 2 RBI), 3B A Ram (3 R, H, RBI, 3 BB), RF Fukudome (2 H, SB, R, RBI), 2B DeRosa (2 H, RBI), CF Johnson (H, 2 RBI, SF)

Good old destruction. The thing about Lilly’s starts during this stretch is you’re almost always going to have a chance at a comeback, because he’s going to give up a multi-run home run to start the game, and then hold the line there.

The Cubs got plenty of offense from a lot of the lineup. It helped a lot that Tom Glavine’s got very little left and probably shouldn’t have stuck around for this season. It got a little intresting when Howry got poked around enough to give up two rounds and make it a game, but the Braves bullpen is not a strength and Soto was able to bust the game wide open.

Eyre’s one out appearance to stop the Braves produced this fanastic set of quotes:

“I didn’t even know who I faced,” Eyre said. “By the time I got to the mound, Geo was talking to [ Aramis Ramirez] when I go, ‘Hey, who are we facing here?’ He goes, ‘[Ruben] Gotay.’ But it wasn’t Gotay. He came up the next inning. I don’t know who I faced. I wasn’t paying attention. I was trying to make sure I got an out.”

Good thing we’re all professionals here. Eyre’s “scoreless inning streak” is such a joke, it’s been nice that it’s been barely mentioned. Eyre’s been good this season, but he’s also been in for less than an inning most of the time – tough to give up runs when you’re not facing more than one batter. If anything, it’s a testament to not giving up base runners – only five so far this season.

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Game 64: Cubs 3 – Dodgers 1


POTG: RP MARMOL (1.2 IP, 2 runners marrooned to preserve the lead)
Runner Up: SP Jason Marquis (6.1 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 2K), 2B Mark DeRosa (3 H, 2 R, 2 RBI, HR)

It was really three guys providing all the effort – DeRosa was responsible for the offense, Marquis had an usually good starting effort, and Marmol escaped the jam and set up an easy save for Wood. I could’ve gone with any of those guys, but Marmol’s outs felt like the biggest ones of the game.

The problem with doing this so delayed is I can’t remember the things which really stick out to me. This was the Sunday night game, but was it the “Al Oliver” game? I lost my mind for about 15 minutes after that conversation. I loathe that broadcasting team.

Last 16 games
3 Soriano
2 D Lee
2 Z!
2 Edmonds
1 Dempster
1 Gallagher
1 The Riot
1 Lilly
1 Fukudome
1 none
1 Marmol

Season Total
9 Z!
7 Soriano
6 D Lee
5 Soto
3 Fukudome
3 Marquis
3 Dempster
3 Lilly
2 Fontenot
2 A Ram
2 Johnson
2 The Riot
2 Marmol
2 no one
2 Edmonds
1 Lieber
1 Hart
1 Hill
1 Cedeno
1 Lieber
1 Howry
1 Wuertz
1 Gallagher

Game 63: Dodgers 7 – Cubs 3


Cubs 39-24
Dodgers 30-32

POTG: LF Soriano (HR)
Runner Up: none

I choose to remember this game as Z going along fine, and then an error unfairly deraling things. It totally couldn’t be his fault, that’s impossible. 13 hits is surely an acceptable number.

I just talked down Maddux as a pickup, but how about Lowe? He’s looked pretty effective both times the Cubs have faced him, and the Dodgers are going nowhere. He’s not a long term solution and he’s got a rep for not handling pressure well, but he’s still in his contract year on a team that seems to be scuffling and may not want to keep him around (especially since his price will surely be going up.) A groundball pitcher in Wrigley always seems like a good idea.

Offense was really spread out and not so great. Alas.

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Game 62: Dodgers 3 – Cubs 0


POTG: none
Runner Up: none

I’m sure I watched this game. But I was so tired a this point, I may have just been staring at a blank screen for 3 hours. I recall nothing happened, and the box score indicates that’s pretty much right. I’m no scientist, but you’re not going win many games with 4 hits and no walks. Kuroda was just plain awesome.

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