PS3 Releases: week of June 16, 2008


version history: 2.36 is out with unspecified fixes. Sony confirms 2.40 will have in game messaging and trophies, neglects to mention when it’ll actually be out.

on the shelves

last week: NASCAR 09 (metacritic) – a roster update and not much more, unless you need photo-realistic Jeff Gordon in your life.

in the store

Downloadable Games
– Fatal Inertia EX {$30} (metacritic) – fun but not special arcade racing; cheaper than on 360 (because it’s downloadable?)

PS1 Classics

Add on Content
– Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds Oceania Course {$5}
– Metal Gear Solid 4 Database {free) – an encyclopedia of the series. MGS4 plot points can be blacked out until you finish the game if you want to avoid spoilers.
– The Incredible Hulk six two player missions (free} – sounds like the original game had none, so maybe this is something they got done late?
– Guitar Hero III – Coldplay Combo {$6.25}
* Violet Hill
* Tank
* God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
– Rock Band
* “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream” by Crooked X {$1}
* “Afterlife” – Avenged Sevenfold {$2}
* “Critical Acclaim” – Avenged Sevenfold {$2}
* “Hammerhead” – the Offspring {$2}

Game Demos
– Fatal Inertia EX (actually a trial instead of a demo)
– NCAA Football ’09
– Wolf of the Battelfield: Comando 3
– Hail to the Chimp

Game Videos
– Linger in Shadows (trailer)
– PAIN: (new characters teaser)
– Fatal Inertia EX Titan (trialer)
– Prince of Persia (trailer)
– Hail to the Chimp (Campaign Trail Madness trailer)

Movie/Blu-Ray Trailer
– Step Brothers (x2)

PS3 Theme
– AST Dew Tour Theme

Game Music
– Pain Theme Song (loading screen music, but at least it’s free)

PS3 Wallpaper

over the horizon (last updated 06/13)

06/23: Battlefield: Bad Company (and Gold Edition) (metacritic)
06/23: Top Spin 3 (metacritic)
06/24: Hellboy: The Science of Evil (metacritic)
06/24: Wall-E (metacritic)
06/24: Hail to the Chimp (metacritic)
06/24: Overlord: Raising Hell (metacritic)

06/29: Guitar Hero Aerosmith and bundle (metacritic)

07/08: Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution (metacritic)
07/08: Beijing Olympics 2008 (metacritic)
07/08: Monster Madness: Grave Danger (metacritic)

07/15: NCAA Football ’09

07/25: WipeoutHD (download only)

07/29: Soulcalibur IV

08/05 (maybe): Vampire Rain: Altered Species

08/12: Madden NFL 09 and (20th Anniversary Edition

08/15: Afro Samurai
08/19: Rapala Fishing Frenzy

08/31: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
09/01: Pure

09/02: TNA Impact!
09/03: FaceBreaker
09/03: NFL Head Coach ’09

09/08: Lego Batman
09/09: Legendary: The Box

10/01: Baja

11/01 (maybe): Hei$t (metacritic)

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