guess my weight


Very confused store people watched as a dumped a huge plastic bottle of years of spare change in their Coinstar machine Saturday morning.

Actually, it took me three tries to get this to work, because I tried to go late at night a week ago only to find the machines shut down. Since you’ve got to go to Customer Service to redeem your receipt (if you’re not smart enough just to take a gift card and save yourself the counting fee), they must shut the machines down when there’s no one on duty. By the third time, I smarted up and grabbed a cart to wheel my jar around.

the count

2 Dollars
328 Quarters
783 Dimes
310 Nickels
1828 Pennies

(and I think a couple of washers and some game token marked “no cash value”)

which weighs over 21.5 pounds. And a nice $196 of stuff to buy off Amazon. (Point and shoot camera and plantronics headset? Hmm…)

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  1. BTW, Cubs posts catch up start on Thursday or Friday.