I am sorry for the spam mail


Without asking me, without informing me, Comcast connected my computer directly to the internet. This was clearly not what I wanted to do – I had a firewall router in between those two when I had set it up, and he had to unplug it at both ends. If Comcast requires user install for routers, he could have informed me and I would’ve fixed it or unplugged the computer. Going on the internet without a router is stupid and any tech with any training at all is fully aware of that.

As a result, my computer was hacked via remote connection software I left on the computer. GMail was open, and so the hacker apparently sent spam to everyone who’d I’d sent a gmail message too. Hopefully, in many cases, your email provider sorted it out as the spam it was. If not, I am deeply sorry you were on the list and got spam mail. I want to reassure you that I’m doing everything I can to prevent it from happening. Because I was otherwise occupied, I did not know this was going on until 24 hours later, but am working quickly to catch up.

I apologize again – we’ve all known Comcast had horrible service and I should’ve know to check their work. After a four hour Comcast visit yesterday, they had screwed up much more than they had gotten correct and it’s causing me no end in frustration. If you can get avoid using Comcast, I’d urge you to do so. If there was another possible local supplier of cable cards, I’d be dumping them right this moment.