Game 13: Cubs 9 – Reds 5


Cubs 8-5, -1.5
Reds 6-8, -4.0

POTG: 1B Derrek Leon Lee (3 H, 2 r, 3 RBI, HR, another game saving play at first – you know, the usual)
Runner Up: 2B-LF Mark DeRosa (2 H, 3 RBI, HR), SS Ryan Theriot (HR, 2B, 2 RBI, BB), RP Carlos Marmol (2 IP, 3 K, 0 R tho’ 1 IRS)

November 25, 2003: Traded by the Florida Marlins to the Chicago Cubs for Hee Seop Choi and Mike Nannini (minors).

Jim Hendry does not get enoguh credit for the Lee/Choi trade. Sure, the Marlins wanted to make a move more because of salary then talent – they were under no impression Choi was going to be a better player (at least right away), but Hendry got the Cubs to the their Choi rather than someone else’s. Choi’s been out of US baseball for two year, Nannini was released after the season by the Marlins and Lee is the rock of the franchise. Derrek’s not always carrying the team like he has been the last few days, but he’s always at least the solid star that can keep things from derailing. Hendry not only traded for Lee, but has been able to keep him around for under market cost. You can ask no more from a GM than that.

The flipside, is the Soriano deal looks to be headed on the bad side of the ledger. It’s not that he’s been awful, but I don’t think the Cubs will ever get the player they paid for, just the guy who’s left. Soraino’s getting hurt on hop is one of the all time dumb injuries, but it fits a pattern of nagging lower body injuries that have sidlelined him for a couple weeks at a time since he’s been signed. Soriano was supposed to provide speed along with the arm and power, but he hasn’t flashed and it these injuries are sapping away what’s left. I expect the Soriano of 2008 and 2009 to be pretty valuable, but I worry about how quick he’ll diminish and how soon he’ll be a drag on the team’s payroll. It seems to be happening faster than we thought.

I hope they play Murton and not Fontenot, but I think we’ll have two weeks and a day to debate whatever decision gets made.

That injury is so dumb, it doesn’t even seem worthwhile to discuss it. It’s just dumb and he’ll probably keep doing it.

Dempster would’ve had a pretty solid outing if he could’ve kept the walks down, but when is that not Ryan Dempster? I think the Cubs’ mistake might have been letting him out there in the 7th, because he clearly had nothing left and could’ve been pinch hit for the half inning prior, but I’m okay with giving him the chance (especially since they won anyway.) I would like to see someone beside Marmol and Wood pitch in winning games, but then after Wuertz imploded, I can sorta see why it’s being done. Marmol’s not going to last the season at this rate, so something’s gotta be fixed.

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