Game 11: Phillies 5 – Cubs 1


Cubs 6-5
Phillies 6-6, take series

POTG: RP Keith Hart (2.2 IP, H, 2 BB, 2 K)
Runner Up: none

I dislike quick turnarounds. I dislike losing streaks more so, and this is looking like it might exactly even out the Pittsburgh series.

You could feel the game being over on the first pitch of Ryan Howard’s 5th inning at bat. Howard just missed on the pitch and the way Lilly wasn’t fooling anyone, you knew it wouldn’t last. Ryan Howard hits the ball very very hard.

After that, I wanted the Cubs to push across a run and not get shut out, because it seemed impossible for the Cubs to do more than that. Cole Hamels shut them down near completely, but they got it together enough to get one in off the a reliever.

The other thing I wanted was for the top of the 9th to end, but didn’t seem like Howry could close the door. 30 pitches, and 3 hard hit balls. Of his 20 strikes, only 4 made it to the catcher. The hitters were picking up what he was throwing.

Lot of pressure on Marquis today. That’s a horrible idea.

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