Game 10: Phillies 5 – Cubs 3


Cubs 6-4, -1.5 (3rd)
Phillies 5-6, -2.5 (3rd)

POTG: 3B A Ram (HR, 2B)
Runner Up: 1B D Lee (HR, 2 H)

How quick can I do this?

Announcers noted Z only gave up 1 BB and credited his bad performance to strikes that were too much in the strike zone. I was fast forwarding a lot and somewhat distracted, but it seemed to me Z was a lot more wild than his walk total showed. He was getting around the bases on bales by throwing big fat pitches down the middle, which were occasionally hit very hard. Not the best of outings for him.

Fukudome would’ve held onto the ball if Soriano hadn’t touched him. Leave the Japanese man alone! There’s also a long “if they were okay playing Fukudome in CF and someone else in RF, why exactly is Matt Murton in Des Monies again?” question, but I don’t suspect to get a straight answer about that ever.

It is funny that, as soon as they put Fukudome in CF and bat him second, he makes a bad play and can’t get on base for the first time this season. If he had an average game of the last 9 and gets on base twice, he probably scores both times. As it was, the Cubs managed to hit 3 home runs and only score 3 times, which ain’t ever going to work.

Marshall and Wuertz were fine out of the pen, so at least they got that. Soto did gun down a base runner, which saved the Cubs from not having problem earlier, which is a nice enough change.

Hopefully Lilly or Marquis can turn it around, but I’m very worried about this series now.

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