Game 5: Cubs 9 – Astros 7


Astros 2-4
Cubs 2-3

POTG: 1B D LEE (2B, HR, 4 H, 2 R, 2 RBI, E – which really should’ve been on Marquis for his horrible throw)
Runner Up: RP Kevin Hart (1.2 IP, H, 0 BB, 2 K, 0 R, W [1/1])), CF Reed Johnson (2 H, 2 RBI), RF FU KU DO ME (clap clap clapclap, 2B, H, R, 2 RBI), 2B Mark DeRosa (2B, 2H, RBI)

That went well. I mean, the game – Fukudome continues to be the greatest baseball player in the history of the world (the fans are treating him like Kung Fu Jesus), Lee had a superb day, and Kevin Hart can’t get enough credit for his reliving performance. It’ll take more than one bad Jason Marquis start to get rid of him, but he’s going to go at some time and while Lieber is probably deserving off that spot, I hope Hart gets a look at a bigger role sometime during the season, he’s got serious ability.

I was going to say Soriano or Marquis was the worst part, but that was easily beat by the 1h00m trip home somehow turning in to 2 hours and really needing to use the bathroom for about 1h55m of it. Also, what the heck is with the new policy of ushers checking your ticket when you try to go up a ramp to the upper deck? I didn’t think I needed a ticket to buy a pretzel, that’s ridiculous (and now I’m going to paranoia-ly keeping my ticket on me at all times, so I guess it worked.)

Cecil Cooper appears to be a horrible game strategist. Oswalt looking at the pen in between pitches was a good indication he was good to go much before he actually did, and every move to the pen went worse and worse.

I think it took them five games to give up on Felix Pie. This is why we can never have prospects.

Ken and Ken’s Wife and Larry were all great people and much better than the empty seats. I don’t believe I gave a ticket to Crazed Older White Guy, but his presence was also appreciated. The weather was also awesome for the first week of April, and I wished I had believed it a little more and worn a less layers. It was a good time.

I would like to say more, but these NCAA Final Four games have put me into a coma. I sure hope this isn’t really The Best Final Four Ever.

below the fold, the attempt at scoring the game. I think I’m still in spring training form. Also, in my defense, Soto did play but the PA screwed up a lineup substitution at some point and I had no chance after that. Between Berkman, Wigginton, and Soto, it was quite the day for random unseen injuries.


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