PS3 Releases: week of March 31, 2007


on the shelves

Nothing! Unless you import the Nippon Professional Baseball game, which now that I’ve said that, I totally want. Actually, how hard would it be to add another league, FIFA style, to the current MLB games?

in the store

Nothing! They’re in a holding pattern for a couple weeks while they’re readying a new look to the store. The current version is HTML based, the new will be a faster software program, and hey posted new screens instead of the usual update list.

The store will be relaunched on 04/17, surely thru another version update. The idea clearly is to clean up things in preparation for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue’s launch on that day, which will be available in the store. Same price as the physical disc, less video content, but you don’t have to leave your house to get it.

Other News which I care about

– Sony’s dropping the Six Axis controller sometime this summer (as soon as they run out.) This is the standard version of the controller packaged with the system.

A DualShock version (read: “rumble pack”) of the controller went on sale this week ($55 , way too much for a controller.) They haven’t officially announced it’s replacing the old controller but since it does everything the old one does, that seems pretty likely. IIRC, the DualShock wasn’t used due to an dispute about licensing costs, but they’ve put the capability for it in PS3 games for the last year. Some games require a patch to get the rumble working and all new games will have a DualShock3 compatible icon on the box.

– The MTV Multiplayer blog also has an interesting explanation of why some PS3 games require long/big installs: the disc have so much space, the Blue Ray was wasting too much time seeking thru empty areas. Some developers have figured out how to deal with this, some have just installed critical info on the hard drive to get quicker access, and some have just put multiple copies of the same game on the disc just to fill it up.

I’ve got a friend who may end up getting a PS3 this summer and hates the rumble pack, so I’m already trying to figure out a trade.

– Wyclef Jean’s song “Fast Car” and music video “Fast Car” (Wyclef Jean playing Burnout while inside of Burnout) so completely do not work together.

over the horizon
04/07: nothing
04/14: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (downloadable)
04/21: NBA Ballers: Chosen One
04/22: Monster Madness
04/28: Midnight Club: Los Angeles
04/29: Grand Theft Auto IV (and special edition)
05/02: Fatal Inertia
05/02: Iron Man
05/13: The Chornicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
05/19: UEFA Euro 2008
05/20: Haze
05/27: Kung Fu Panda
06/01: Soulcalibur IV
06/02: Civilization Revolution
06/03: LEGO Indiana Jones
06/03: The Incredible Hulk
06/03: Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

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