this is surely a bad idea


I’ve got 2, maybe 3 extra tickets to the Cubs game on Saturday. The people who were supposed to use them can’t go, it’s too late to resell them, and I’d rather sit next to empty seats than random strangers. But…I’m willing to consider people I casually know on the interwebs as a slight step above empty seat.

So, here’s the deal: does anyone in the area want to go to a Cubs game on Saturday?

– it’s a noon game
– they’re in the 400 section and not good
– it will be cold
– you’re on your own for transportation
– your life will NOT be better for actually meeting me. I mean, I’m not going to try to be antisocial, but it does come naturally
– I may SCORE the game and do other incredibly dorky things
– if you want to use the ticker to wander around the park or meet up with someone else, I’m totally okay with it
– I’m not looking to be paid back; these tickets are paid for already if someone uses them or not
– if I haven’t talked/exchanged written words with you in the past – if I don’t know you – this is not for you
– if you’re going to be forever crushed if I choose not to pick you, you should probably not ask
– I may wake up tomorrow with a clear mind and attempt to disavow all of this. I’m tired now, which is why the game recap isn’t coming until tomorrow

With that said, if you’re interested, e-mail me ([email protected]) ASAP. It’s gotta be figured out quick if it’s going to work. The comments are only open for mocking this idea – requests posted there will be ignored.