PS3 Releases: week of March 17, 2007


PS3 Firmwire 2.20 should show up by the end of the month. It seems split between updating the Blue Ray ability (where you left on a disc is saved, so it’ll pick up there even if you watch something else in between) and music/photo cross platform integration (playlist sharing with PSP, save files to your hard drive from the internet browser.)

– Rock Band will be adding an in game store, rather than having quit the game and go to PS Network. This sounds/looks much better.

on the shelves

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (and limited edition) (The W at Amazon) (link is for the limited edition) [gamestats] – more than an upgrade from the last game, but not an entire new game. In is the ability to run, out is the four player co-op story (now down to two.) It’s very good, but it is recycled.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds [gamestats] – arcade golf, and somewhat limited with only six courses to choose from. It sounds like an easy to pick up fun game that takes advantage of next gen for an improved look, though possibly making it’s characters too cute. It’s an easily a step ahead off..

Sega Superstars Tennis [gamestats] – which is dragged down in the category of cute spots by lots of repetitive minis games and feels like a nostalgia purchase, relying on gamers to like the old Sega characters as much as they might for a similar Nintendo game. If you remember who people like Beat, Gum, Ulala and Alex Kidd are, maybe this game is for you.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot [gamestats] – first person horror shooter, very bloody and very violent. Doesn’t sound very long, and the multiplayer isn’t much, but it nails it’s theme pretty well.

Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore [gamestats] – pass.

in the store

Game Demos
– Condemned 2: Bloodshot
– Sega Superstars Tennis

Add On Game Content
– Rock Band: Ear Ache Thrashpack 1 ($2 each, or all for $5.50)
* “Blinded by Fear” by At the Gates
* “DOA” by the Haunted
* “Thrasher” by Evile

– Tiger Woods ’08
* Doral Golf Resort Blue Monster Course ($5)
* Turnberry Golf Resort {free!}
* Maxed Out Player {$2.50}

$5 seems a bit much for a new course, but the timing is pretty good. They should’ve have been releasing things more frequently, but people still seem to be getting the hang of that.

Game Videos
– MotorStorm 2 (Teaser)
– Eye of Judgement (Trailer for Set 2)
– Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Japan Trailer)
– Ape Quest
– Turning Point
– Soulcalibur IV (Character Reveal – Darth Vader?)
– Condemned 2: Bloodshout (Trailer)

Movie/Blue Ray
– Gattaca
– Sleuth

over the horizon
03/25: Dark Sector
03/25: Viking: Battle for Asgurd
04/01: NBA Ballers: Chosen One
04/17: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (downloadable)
04/22: Monster Madness
04/28: Midnight Club: Los Angeles
04/29: Grand Theft Auto IV (and special edition)
05/02: Fatal Inertia
05/02: Iron Man
05/13: The Chornicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
05/19: UEFA Euro 2008
05/20: Haze
05/27: Kung Fu Panda
06/01: Soulcalibur IV
06/02: Civilization Revolution
06/03: LEGO Indiana Jones
06/03: The Incredible Hulk
06/03: Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

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