PS3 Releases: week of February 25, 2007


on the shelves

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (The W at Amazon) gamestats ( – came out January 2007 for XBOX360 and last June for PC, and yet there’s still graphics problems with the PS3 version. The reviews vary a bit on this game, seemingly dependent entirely on how much of those graphics problems the reviewer had. IGN is particularly tough on them, also noting problems from those two other platforms were not fixed at all here. It sounds like a interesting concept – an action game on a frozen planet, where your gun power and your ability to stay warm are shared (use all your energy in shooting and you’ll die of frostbite), but you’d better off getting this on another system if you have the choice.

Lost: Via Domus gamestats ( – in the quest to make everything at least conceivable part of continuity, including this very post, this video game takes you on the FRINGES of many major plot events, but don’t actually participate in them. Why? Instead of playing one of the major characters, you’re one of the crowd fillers, they weren’t around for the big scenes, and that’s the important thing here. (I presume they felt playing with the major characters would’ve had you acting on the show, line by line, and they felt that was worse.) To make up for it, you end solving lame/easy puzzles and finding out secrets of the island well before the normal cast did, just like Nikki and Paulo. This game is Nikki and Paulo.

There’s apparently some info about the Island in the last minute of the game (which should only take 4-6 hours to get to), but who knows if the TV show will count it.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty gamestats (, though it’s really just IGN’s review. Shooter, asking the question “What if the Nazis had invaded the US?”, but not more deeply than “zeppelins over New York.” Very shallow and very linear, and the game play isn’t that great either.

in the store

Add On Game Content
– PAIN: new Scurv Dogg character {$2}

– Rock Band (Nine Inch Nails singles $2, combo pack $5.5)
* “March of the Pigs”
* “The Collector”
* “The Perfect Drug

ALSO, if you’ve bought any of the following Rock Band tracks from the store, you can get free new (patched?) versions of the songs.
* All of the Police Songs
* Brass in Pocket
* Limelight

– Guitar Hero III: No Doubt Pack {$6.25}
* Don’t Speak
* Excuse Me Mr.
* Sunday Morning

(ye…uh, no comment)

Game Videos
* MLB 08 The Show (2, Music Video, Video Blog)
* NBA 08 (Amare Stoudemire – little late, ain’t it?)
* Condemned 2: Bloodshoot (Trailer)
* Lost Planet (Trailer 2)

Movie/Blue Ray Disc Trailer
– Star Trek (teaser)

PS3 Themes
– PAIN: Scurv Dogg

PS3 Wallpaper
– Rocketman: Axis of Evil (4)

over the horizon
03/03: MLB 2K8
03/04: Army of Two
03/04: Destroy All Humans!
03/04: Karoake Revolution Presents American Idol Encore
03/04: MLB ’08: the Show
03/11: Condemned 2: Bloodshot
03/11: Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
03/18: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
04/08: Star Wars: the Force Unleashed
06/28: Grand Theft Auto IV
06/30: LEGO Indiana Jones

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