PS3 Releases: week of February 11, 2007


on the shelves

Conflict: Denied Ops (The W at Amazon) ( gamestats): the battle for Venezuela! Oddly does not include Ozzie Guillen firing at people indiscriminately. There’s big ads for this game but no reviews, which is always a bad sign. The fan reviews of the game average around 5.0, and the previews note it’s was significantly lesser than previous games in this series.

in the store

Add On Game Content
– Rock Band (singles $2, threepack for $5.50)
* “Truth Hits Everybody” by the Police
* “Teenage Lobotomy” by the Ramones
* “Complete Control” by the Clash

– MLB ’08: The Show

Game Videos
– MLB ’08: the Show
– LittleBigPlanet (Create-A-Level)
– Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (Launch Trailer)
– Conflict: Denied Ops (2 developer diaries, )
– Burnout Paradise (accolades/reviews)
– Turok (2 trailers)

Movie/Blue Ray Disc Trailer
– The Ruins

PS3 Themes
– Super Stardust HD

over the horizon

02/18: FIFA Street 3
02/19: Dynasty Warriors 6
02/19: The Club
02/19: History Channel: The Battle for the Pacific
02/26: Lost
02/26: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
02/26: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
03/03: MLB 2K8
03/04: Army of Two
03/04: Destroy All Humans!
03/04: Karoake Revolution Presents American Idol Encore
03/04: MLB ’08: the Show
03/11: Condemned 2: Bloodshot
03/11: Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
03/18: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
04/08: Star Wars: the Force Unleashed
06/28: Grand Theft Auto IV
06/30: LEGO Indiana Jones

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