Game 157: Marlins 4 – Cubs 2


Cubs 83-74, +2
Marlins 67-90, -20

POTG: CF Keystone Monroe (2R HR)
Runner Up: RP Michael Wuertz (2IP, 0R, 0H, 3K)

This is not a night Andy Fletcher will look back at proudly. I know the Cubs have had some bad umpiring games this season, but this sure seemed like the worst. The strike zone was bumped 1-2 ball widths outside, with pitches clearly missing the strike zone being called strikes. The Cedeno “strikeout swinging” was an all time bad call, and seemingly a sign the umpire was reacting to the questioning of his calls by making even more questionable calls.

It’s good thing A Ram is the type to say something and keep on walking, because being ejected will probably only get him a fine here. It was kinda lucky he was the only one – DeRosa was just as ticked after his strikeout.

Bad calls aside, this was not the best of efforts by the Cubs.

1st inning: 11 pitches
5th Inning: 7 pitches (including a 4 pitch walk by Murton!)
6th Inning: 10 pitches
7th Inning: 10 pitches

D-Train was good but not THAT good. The Cubs didn’t keep the energy level up from the home series and it showed. With the Brewers annihilating the Cardinals, it was a bad time for a let down. Made for a quick game, though.

Possibilities remaining for a draw (or worse)

(Brewers get unnaturally hot)
Brewers go 5-0, Cubs go 3-2

(Cubs collapse in a horrible fashion)
Brewers go 4-1 (or better), Cubs go 2-3
Brewers go 3-2 (or better), Cubs go 1-4
Brewers go 2-3 (or better), Cubs go 0-5

It’s on the Cubs, and I think they’re still plenty good enough to go 3-2. I’m a bit more nervous after losing that game, though. Lose another and you’ll have just about everyone freaking out.

as an aside: totally rooting for the Rockies to make it or at worst, cause some sort of tie at the end of the season. I was so annoyed with the Giants for giving up the game versus the Padres.

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quick radio plug


Stuff about the game – mostly how losing one game in the standings can cause you to freak out – a bit later, but I thought I should mention my appearance on NewsTalk 1400 WDWS-AM (East Central IL) before it actually happens this time. It’s at 6 PM, just as the game’s starting, so you can possibly hear me lose my mind if Jason Marquis blows up in the first inning tonight.

We’ll be talking about the Cubs, the playoffs, the ownership (there’s no way they can it done before next season) and whatever else for a good 15 minutes.