Game 151: Cubs 7 – Reds 6


Cubs 79-72, +1
Reds 68-82, -10.5

POTG: 2B Mark DeRosa (5H, 2 RBI, HR)
Runner Up: LF Alfosno Soriano (2 2B), 1B D Lee (H, BB, HBP, 2 R), 3B A Ram (2 H, 3B, 2 RBI, R, BB), RF Cliff Floyd (HR, 2 RBI), C Jason Kendall (2 H), RP Kevin Hart (2 IP, H, K, 0 R)

THAT was a game. Every moment after the Reds got the lead for the last time, it didn’t seem like the Cubs were winning this one. Even when Lee got his hit, Theriot not getting to third made me think there still was trouble ahead. A Ram’s hit changed everything, in a “start calling people on your phone to make sure they hadn’t given up on this game” (and they had!). DeRosa’s hit was just the capper, it was over once Ramirez got it pass Hopper. Not that DeRosa’s five hits weren’t great.

It was fascinating to watch Lou switch between his main bullpen crew and the burnouts and newbies as the game went in and out of reach. Wuertz must’ve been (past tense) on the good side of the ledger to be brought in when he was, Eyre was brought in to keep it close and Wood was warmed up in the bullpen, but as soon as the Cubs slipped behind, it was time for Hart and Ohman. Lou wasn’t going to waste any pitches from the guys he trusts (Howry, Marmol, and Dempster.) I guess you’ve got avoid burning guys out even this close to the end of the season, but this comeback doesn’t happen if Hart and Ohman don’t hold the Reds right there.

Hill’s going to have to start again, and hope it’s not like this. The flakiness of Hill, Marshall and Trachsel makes me completely okay with the idea of pitching guys on 3 days rest today and tomorrow. Plus, it’s Z, he can do pretty much anything he wants to do at any time, I’m pretty sure.

11 TO GO. Time to come up with plans for defeating the Waiting Room on Sunday,

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