Game 147: Cubs 5 – Cardinals 3


Cubs 76-71, +1.5
Cardinals 69-76, -6.0

POTG: SP Z! (8 IP, 4 H, R, 2 BB, 3 K, W [16/])
Runner Up: 3B A RAM (2 H, 2B, R), PH Daryle Ward (2B, 3 RBI)

This might have been Z’s best start of the year – it’s really the lack of strikeouts (and walks) that did it. Knowing that he’s coming back on short rest next time and would have a lower (or “normal” for everyone else) pitch limit, he still managed to go eight innings on just 101 pitches. Z wasn’t no hit dominant, but he was getting a ton of groundballs and staying out of long counts. It was the perfect outing for this start and the next.

Ward PH (45 PA): 286/444/343 – I thought the power would’ve been higher than that, but the 286 has been great.

1.5 games is a great thing, but the Cubs can double it today. Three games doesn’t put it way yet, but it gives some breathing room. If they’re not going to have it in the games, at least they might have it in the standings and it might be time to start figuring out playoff rosters.

Theriot’s only missed two starts since July 15, and ended up coming in both of those games. I wonder if he’ll get a break for one of the double header games.

I’ve decided to block the bottom 9th inning out of my mind. A win is a win.

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