Game 145: Cubs 3 – Astros 2


Cubs 74-71, +/- 0
Astros 63-82, -11

POTG: SP Rich Hill (7 IP, 3 H, R, 3 BB, 7 K, W [9/15]; H)
Runner Up: LF Cliff Floyd (HR [6/219], 3B, 2 R), 2B Mark DeRosa (2 H, R), SS Ryan Theriot (H, BB, 2 RBI)

These game are going to kill me. Kill us all.

Cubs haven’t been more than 3 games back or 3 games ahead since July 24th. Somewhat relatedly, Cubs haven’t won 2 games in a row since September 2nd, and haven’t won three games in a row since August 18.

We’re back to half game separations till the Saturday double header, and then back again on Monday.

Rich will get 3 – maybe 2? or 4? they keep announcing the rotation for rest of the season and then changing it the next day – more meaningful starts the rest of the season, and I hope this is the start of one last run to finish out the season. He was sharp tonight, still walked a little too much but got out of trouble. When he gave up the inevitable home run, it was with no one on, and it was the only run in. With the Cubs really not hitting well in this park again (despite all logic) and Marmol not really being an option in this game, it was so critical to have 7 good innings and Rich Hill more than delivered.

Felix Pie owes Ryan Dempster and Derrek Lee a large meal of some sort. Perhaps breakfast – they totally saved his bacon, so he should buy some for them. There’s nothing more frustrating and annoying then a defensive replacement making a defensive misplay, but Pie clearly played Lamb’s double into a triple. Tying run on second with no out is still a critical situation, but not like guy on third with no out. Felix has got to start contributing something more, and I’m sure Lou’s about done with him for the season. If Angel Pagan still existed (rehabbing in Arizona?), he’d surely be the Uncle Cliffy caddy now. I don’t know have any idea how well Sam Fuld can field, but maybe he gets a look.

Nice for The Riot to pick up 2 RBIs on what was supposed to be his day off. No one thinks Cedeno would do the same. Good to see Cliff kill some balls – at least someone. I wonder if someone besides Jason Kendall will catch down the stretch?

This is quite the Steve Trachsel must game – if he blows, he can go hang out with Will Ohman in the Only Blowouts section of the bullpen. If he’s good, he probably has another important start coming up. It’d be nice to have even a half game lead on the Brewers, figuring that they’ll probably give back up on in the double header.

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