Game 143: Cubs 12 – Cardinals 3


Cardinals 69-72, -3.0
Cubs 73-70, 0.0

POTG: 3B A RAM (2 HR [21, 22/218], 2 2B, 2 RBI, 3 R, 4 H)
Runner Up: 1B D Lee (HR [18/234], 2B, 2 R), CF-RF Jacque Jones (3 H, 2 R, 2 RBI, BB, 2B), SP Ted Lilly (7 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 7 K, 0 BB, W [15 (ties personal season record)/74]; 2B, RBI), PH Keystone Monroe (H, 2 RBI)

This is kinda what the best case scenario gameplan is for the next three weeks – guys like Lee, Ram, Jacque and Soriano pull themselves a bit closer to their usual season averages in power numbers, putting up a lot of runs on the board. Pitchers contribute solid outings and just set the plate for the hitters to win the game. They all can’t be 12-3, but I’d be fine with some 6-4 games just to see the offense be a bit more consistent.

Kinda worried about The Riot

(avg/obp, why bother with slugging)
Apr: 299/347
May: 356/330
Jun: 224/272
Jul: 348/437
Aug: 276/315
Sep: 211/250

I don’t think you put Cedeno in or anything, but…they may have to consider dropping him in the order if he can’t find some of those missing hits again.

I have to say, I was worried when So Taguchi got knocked down (actually, ‘fell down on a pitch that wasn’t that close’) and ended up hitting a home run. You can’t let So Taguchi rub it in your face like that.

I don’t know if the loss killed the Cardinals dead – tough to say, when they’ll have a chance to make up every bit of the gap between these two teams this weekend – but they sure do seem to be fading away.

19 TO GO. It’s about time where people should start making up first place win totals – let’s say 86 – and proclaiming “if they get enough wins to make it to that number, they’ll win for sure.” 13-6 will do it, probably by plenty.

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