Game 136: Dodgers 11 – Cubs 3


Cubs 70-66, +1.5
Dodgers 72-65, -4.0

POTG: LF Alfonso Soriano (2B, HR, 2 R, RBI)
Runner Up: SS Ryan Theriot (H, BB, RBI), 2B-3B Mark DeRosa (2 H, RBI)

Sometime, it’s better to let the emotion of the moment pass over you before you start commenting on it. You might be better of having some perspecitve on the moment. I tend to do that here, because I’ve got no one demanding me say anything right after the game (or anything ever), but then I’m also not paid millions and millions of dollars.

Do fans have a right to boo? Yea, sure.
Does it ever make sense to boo? I don’t know. I’m not sure it has any positive effect on the team, though the game is just entertainment and if you night’s entertainment is booing the team when they’re bad, did you still get your money’s worth?

Should players take boos or cheers personally? NO. They’re not cheering for you because of they think you’re a swell person or in appreciating of your work with charity, though they may feel those things. Fans cheer based on what they think the player has done for them, what they’re doing right now, and what they think may do for them next. (They may also boo the player as surrogate for people who don’t actually step on the field but are responsible for the player to be there.) Once the crowd of people watching your game switches from supportive parents to ticketholders, the fan reactions become completely shallow, impersonally, and transitory. It’s always been like this and it will always been like this.
Is there any easy way to distance yourself from the reactions of the crowd? No no no. It’s too tasty to give in to buy into the crowd cheering YOU rather than the double you just hit, and it’s too late to give up once they start booing the walks you’re giving up.

This is just one drama of what will be many with Z over his baseball life with the Cubs. He said something stupid, he apologized the next day. Last I checked, the Cubs were still up by 1.5 and the earth was still rotating around the sun. My cable’s gone out as I written this today, so I’ll have to peer out the window occasionally to double check that the world has not come to an end.

The only thing that really bugged me is Z riling against the fans for booing other people, but only being upset about it to mention it when they were booing him. There were people standing up for the likes of Jacque this and last, but I don’t remember Z being one of them.

Hey, cable’s back.