Game 135: Cubs 6 – Astros 5


Cubs 70-65
Astros 61-76

POTG: 1B Mr. Lee (3 H, 3 RBI, HR, HBP)
Runner Up: LF Mr. Soriano (2B, SF, R), RP Kerry Wood (1.1 IP, BB, 0 R)

From start to finish, I watched this game in four different buildings – four different towns, maybe – and listened on my car radio in between. Wherever I was, whomever I was talking to (sometimes myself!), I was sure the Cubs could come back in this one. Sure enough, they kept chipping and chipping at the lead, and Derrek hit the home run just as I was going car to building once again.

Part of it’s was the Astros bullpen, which is not much to be scared by at this point. McLemore and Qualls didn’t really impress me during this series, and they were a big part of the loss for the Astros. But they’re out of town now, and what’s staying is a healthier looking offense. We’ve all been waiting for Lee, Ram and Soriano to start hitting together, and it might just be happening here. It’s just two days, but Lee in particular seems to be out of his weeks long funk and just at the right time.

Ram’s helmet spike was awesome.

Dodgers don’t trouble me at all.

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