Game 104: Phillies 4 – Cubs 1


Phillies 56-49, 3.0/1.0
Cubs 55-49, 1.0/1.5

POTG: SS Ryan Theriot (HR, 2 H, SB)
Runner Up: none

Somehow, I was smart enough yesterday to state I didn’t like the Cubs chances in this game, but dumb enough to still start Ted Lilly in my fantasy league. I guess I’m just filled with a mystery.

The Cubs batters couldn’t figure out Hamels out all night, and their only real hope was getting him out of their and working over the bullpen. There was some hope of that in the 7th, but Murton, Pagan and Kendall could get nothing going, and Fontenot, Soriano, and Theriot didn’t even challenge Hamels in the 8th.

The worst sequence of the night, by far, was Ronny Cedeno’s pinch hit at bat. After Jason Kendall has just walked on five pitches, Cedeno showed the form that got him sent back to Iowa in the first place (and would get him sent right back down if they could) by swinging at the first pitch. It was a horrible impatient pop fly, and Ronny deserved to get booed. Soriano almost did the exact same thing a batter later, but Bourn tripping over the incline gave him another chance (not that he did much with it.) That was pretty much it, and I don’t think Cedeno gets another critical at bat for quite a while.

Tonight’s Marquis vs Adam Eaton. On the upside, Adam Eaton is bad. On the downside, Jason Marquis is bad. It’s 70s night at the ball park, and I’m just hoping Jason makes it to the 70s in pitch count without blowing up the game. The under/over is 9.5, and I’d take the over.