Game 102: Cubs 8 – Reds 1


Cubs 54-48, 1.5/2.0
Reds 45-60, 12/12.5

POTG: LF Soriano (2HR, 3H, 3R, 5RBI)
Runner Up: SS The Riot (2 BB, R), 1B D Lee (HR, 2 RBI), C Jason Kendall (2 H, 2 R), SP Sean Marshall (6 IP, 6 H, ER, BB, 3K, W [5/11]), RP Carlos Marmol (2 IP, 2 H, 2 K)

Now THIS was the Reds bullpen I was eager to see. I mean, it was mostly over even before Harang left (though his injury may have played a part in it), but there’s so many fun guys for the Cubs to face. Every time someone came in with an opposing AVG over 300, and both splits were over 300, I was very amused. So were the hitters.

There’s no way the Cubs should lose Sunday’s game. I don’t believe in jinxes, I believe in lopsided matchups, and this is one of those.

It’d nice if they spread out the homeruns, instead of getting them like 4 at a time and then none for 10 days.

Jason Kendall is up to 310 as a Cub! They used Marmol for two innings and he was fine! Dempster is making up for baserunners he couldn’t put on when he was hurt! I really have nothing to say about this game.

It was nice of the Cardinals to sweep. 1.5 to the lead, perhaps the first time in a while where the Division lead has been closer than the Wild Card.

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