Game 95: Cubs 6 – Diamondbacks 2


Cubs 51-44; 2.5/2.0
Diamondbacks 50-48; 4.5/4.5

POTG: CF Jacque Jones (2 H, 2 RBI, CS)
Runner Up: 2B Mike Fontenot (2 H, 3 R, BB, 2 SB), 3B A Ram (2 H, 2 R, 4 RBI, HR), RF Angel Pagan (2 H), SP Jason Marquis (7.2 IP, 4 H, 2 R, BB, 3 K, W [7/63])

At some point, the Cubs should stop “winning games they have no business winning.” Not that they should stop winning, that’d suck, but that the Cubs would seem good enough that the wins don’t seem like luck overpowering skill. Still, with Webb (who’s good) and Marquis (who hasn’t been) on the mound, and the Cubs starting a lineup which featured a grand total of 1 player in the spot they started the season and 4 guys who started the season in Iowa – I watched this game and I still have trouble believing they won, again.

Marquis was the difference. It’s nice that the offense got it together to get six runs, but the way Jason’s pitched lately, I dunno if that would’ve been enough. Marquis’s numbers don’t seem to indicate this is all him – out of 108 pitches, he thru 44 balls but some how the Diamondbacks only took 1 walk. It works this game, hope it keeps up happening, but I’m not convinced.

Mike Fontenot batting third, and it worked. Jacque Jones 5th and it worked. This team is strange. Scott Moore was a little bit too anxious, but the way things are going, he’ll probably have 4 RBIs in the next game.

It’s good Ram has learned absolutely nothing about watching the ball hit to left field.

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