Game 92: Giants 4 – Cubs 2


Giants 39-52, 12.5/11.5
Cubs 48-44, 4.5/3

POTG: 1B Derek Lee (HR [8/224], 2H, R, RBI)
Runner up: Sean Marshall (6 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 2 K), 3B A Ram (2 H, 2B)

It’s tough. The Cubs have won a lot in the last week and not moved up a lot, and immediately drop one the day they do lose. They’re going to have plenty of more losses in front of them, which seems strange based on how they’ve been playing, but a tiny little part of you wonders each time if this is as far as they’re going to go. It’s just one loss.

This was not the struggling Barry Zito of 2007. This as a dominant picture throwing a lot of strikes (81 of 109) who the Cubs just couldn’t touch. The first inning run was more on the Giants defense than anything, and Lee’s HR was nice to see, but the Giants pitching was far ahead of the Cubs hitting.

I was surprised for Marshall to be pulled when he was. I’m not sure if the wild pitch in the top of the 6th convinced the Cubs that he had lost control, but he was sailing along and only had thrown 88 pitches. I think any other start on the staff gets that inning (and we could’ve used one less inning from the bullpen.) The Cubs haven’t pushed Marshall into 90 pitches since the middle of June.

First 5 Starts: 100.6 pitches/g
Last 5 Starts: 75.6 pitches/g (or 82/g if you throw out the start he got shelled.)

Sean was coming in off 11 days of rest, so you’d think he’d be ready to go long. There’s something missing here – the team’s gotta know something they’re not sharing.

Marmol, Wuertz and Ohman did not look good today. With Marmol, he’s was due not to be awesome at some point. I think the umpire was squeezing the guys as well. Ohman and Wuertz’s spots ar probably vulnerable in the bullpen after this, except I’m not sure how much Lou is willing to trust Eyre or Petrick at this point.

I think there’s a good 5% Z plunks Barry today, just for kicks. He will definitely celebrate if he strikes him out to end an inning.

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