Game 85: Pirates 8 – Cubs 3


Cubs 43-42 – 5.5/4.0
Pirates 39-47 – 10/8.5

POTG: LF Soriano (H, R, RBI, SF)
Runner Up:

There goes being 3.5 back at the break.

It was struggle to figure a POTG for this one. 4 runs scored should mean someone’s had good night, but the hits were pretty spread out, and there were some double counter plays. Pagan being overly cautious to not try for third on his double – he had a pretty good shot – and then getting caught stealing third soon after didn’t make any sense. The Cubs should just ban stealing third base unless the ball gets far away from the catcher, because they’ve been horrid at it.

Marquis was bad, and the rest of the team wasn’t good enough to make up for it. I was wondering why it seemed like Wuertz had been buried when he came in, and then his performance gave me a clue. Pinella’s split up the bullpen into guys he’ll use if they’re winning (Marmol, Ohman, Howry) and guys he only uses in losses or desperation (whichever rookie’s up, Eyre, and Wuertz.) The way things worked today, you can’t say he’s wrong. At least they were able to finish the game off, given only 4 2/3rds of a start.

Not that it mattered, but if Theriot doesn’t take second in the 9th on defensive indifference, I wonder if the Pirates double him up. By trying to move out of the way of a double play, I guess he moved in the way of one. Not that it mattered, Koyie Hill pinch hitting meant it was over.

My guess is, if Jacque doesn’t get traded by Thursday, Pie gets sent down when Dempster gets activated. Pie has nothing left to prove at AAA, but he’s not being used and Theriot is, and that’s probably all that matters.

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