Game 84: Cubs 7 – Nationals 2


Cubs 43-41; 4.5/4 – pick up full games in both races!
Nationals 34-31; 12.5/13.5

POTG: 1B Daryle Ward (2B, SF, 2 H, 2 RBI, R)
Runner Up: 2B Mike Fontenot (3 H, R, RBI), LF Jacque Jones (2 2B)

I was so worried when I saw the lineup. I understand playing guys who haven’t gotten serious ABs in 10 games. I don’t quite understand playing them all at the same time, but it magically worked. Cesar was 0-4 and mostly worthless, but Jacque got 2 hits, and Ward drove in runs. Maybe Lee gets that done himself, but Ward was good enough here.

I’m glad the Cubs are done with the Nationals, because I can’t quite get fired up to watch them. Even when they were threatening in the 8th, I had no real fear they’d tie it up off Marmol. Mostly it’s because Marmol has been awesome when he needs to be awesome, but the lineup just doesn’t scare anyone when pitches aren’t being tipped.

Hopefully they get better right now, with the Brewers and Cubs switching opponents. With a 3-1 series win, the Cubs are one game away from achieving what they hoped for in this road trip, so it seems time to get a little greedy. Like I said last time they got this close, 5 games and under means the team is in the race, but it’d be fantastic to be 3.5/3 or less.

FRI: Marquis vs LHP Paul Maholm (4-11/4.74)
* 4.74 isn’t great, but 11 loses? Gotta be awful run support. (BP says he should be 6-7.)
* LHP means DeRosa in RF, The Riot at SS and Fontenot at 2nd, I bet.
SAT: Lilly vs RHP John Van Benschoten (0-2/4.32)
* “Pitch Control Has Been A Problem”, says the MLB preview. I hope someone lets the Cubs know.
* Lilly’s pitching good of late
SUN: Z! vs LHP Shane Youman (1-0/3)
* Rookie + Day Before The All Star Break = bad sign. Hope they don’t need this one.

Cubs didn’t make much of the Brewers last dry spell. If they’re heading into another one, hopefully things work better.


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