Game 83: Cubs 7 – Nationals 2


Cubs 42-41; 5.5/5
Nationals 34-30; 12.5/13.5

POTG: no one
Runner Up:

I still think the quick turnaround was tough for both teams. Rich’s hittable stuff of late just made it easier to get over for the Nationals. At least he gave the team six innings and the bullpen didn’t have to get blown up. There’s no doubt the Cubs bats were completely asleep. There’s no way Matt Chico is that good.

There’s really nothing to take from this game, except they still have a chance to win the series in today’s game. A sweep would’ve been neat, but 3 of 4 is what they came for. AAAAH RHYMING. The Brewers lost, the Dodgers lost, so the Cubs didn’t lose any ground. You’re going to lose, so at least it doesn’t hurt this time.

It sounds like Z isn’t going to make the All Star game after all, unless someone gets hurt. Don’t we usually have injury pull outs by now? (Maybe A-Rod soon.) I guess there were just less hurt guy selected than in previous years.