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* I didn’t mean to quit Heat. It just sorta happened. Without going much to into it, I’ve been out of town for 4 parts of the last 7 weeks. What I’ve figured out is I really hate traveling, and I hate the day before traveling when I’m thinking about it and packing, and I hate the days after traveling, when I’ve got no energy.

Somewhere along the line, I missed a Heat, figured I’d make it up later. And then I missed three more, and I just didn’t care that much. I stopped on May 11th, it took until June 18th for someone to point it out, so I guess I did okay.

They’re all on the web, so it’s not like I couldn’t just grab them and do one long recapping session…but I’d really just rather watch lucha at this point.

* When you say “yea, we’re going to have a party, and we’re going to do other things besides play bags” and all we do is PLAY BAGS, please know I hate you. I was promised board games, where was my board games

Outside playing catch with a 4 year old and A RAM, Friday sucked. Days that start at 5 and end at midnight and include no pancakes normally do.

* I haven’t written much about the Cougars this year, but I feel like I should at least point out the last game I went to was an actual good performance. Going to Monday night’s game was the smartest decision I made all week, for sure. (It seems like more than a week ago.) Anytime the home team wins 11-2, it’s a pretty good day.

My seats this year are generally good, once I figured out to bring a hat or sunglasses so I can see for the first three innings. The sun sets directly from the batter, from my viewpoint, but you deal with it. This year’s actual problem is the person I’m sitting next to all of the time. It’s an older women, who hasn’t said two words to me so far this season. I’m okay with that, not talking works for me. She always brings an umbrella, and a bag with water and a book, and checks out after 7 innings. All of this is fine, it’s just that when she was talking with another regular, I kinda overhead her talking about her husband having recently died. I don’t think it’s a big stretch to assume last year, he would’ve been sitting with his wife at the game, in the seat I’ve got now.

So I’ve been sitting elsewhere of late. Too creepy. For her too, surely.

But the games are generally fun, and I’ve subconsciously memorized the order of the crowd noise music they use, which will get me far. Too bad they’re off to a bad start in the second half. I’m going to have to drive to Beloit again to see Midwest League playoffs.

* I spent a lot of the week finishing off the latest game I got from GameFly without actually getting around to playing – they’re making a killing on me, I’m sure – “Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time” for the DS. The other similar games were a fun amusing waste of time, and so were these. The writing was good, as far as snarky video game writing goes. 20hr for RPG (which is probably slow) always seems short for a game of that genre, but I guess if it was any longer, I wouldn’t have finished.

I’m actually going to get a PS3 game next, so I have something to play on it. Hey, I have a PS3, did I ever mention that here? So tough to keep track…

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