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Joe guest co-hosted Dr. Keith’s show at Figure Four, talking about Chris Benoit. It’s subscription only.

I’ve thought a lot about Benoit and thought about writing something here, but I decided I rather my thoughts not be etched on the internet. (I’ll make sure to get them out to an actual person.) Of all the stuff I’ve read, Albert’s blog entry has been the best.

I’ll try to post about non-Cubs stuff tomorrow, if only not to make this the top post on the blog for a day and a half.

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Game 80: Cubs 5 – Brewers 1


Brewers 47-34 +6.5
Cubs 40-40 -6.5/-5

POTG: 2B The Riot (3 2B, 3 R)
Runner Up: 1B D Lee (3 H, 2 R, RBI), 3B A Ram (2B, 2 RBI), SP Jason Marquis (7 IP, 4 H, R, BB, 5 K, W [6/62]), RP Carlos Marmol (2 IP, H, 4 K, 0 R)

First time Marquis made it 7 innings in a month, when he put a pretty similar line against against the Padres. These were the kinda performances he was doing the first six weeks of the year. I don’t know if this means he’s figured something out, or if it’s just blind luck. It’s nice for a day, anyway.

I feel like I should have much more to say about this game than is actually coming to my mind. Cubs got on top early, and Marquis never allowed himself to get into danger. Marmol seemed to blow them away in the 8th and 9th, and it’s hard to understand why he won’t be closer for this team by Tuesday.

I watched the All Star Selection show, and wow was that dumb. I’m trying to ween myself off the All Star game anyway, so I don’t understand my logic at all, and besides that, it was an awful boring show. No enregy, and no analyst on TV seems to get the idea that it’s weird when you treat Bonds like a guy who’s had a normally legendary career.

Anyway, D Lee made it and Z did not, which is not the way I would’ve have figured it at the start of the day. I think I’ve got it my head that Derek spent more time off the field than he has (yet – at this rate, his suspension isn’t going to start till sometime in 2008), and Z made it on the last chance ballot so that campaign will be fun. I’ve already vote some 20 times. He better make it, or the mailing list I got stuck on won’t be worth it.

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Game 79: Brewers 13 – Cubs 4


Brewers 47-33
Cubs 39-40

POTG: 2B/SS Mark DeRosa (2B, 2 H, 2 RBI)
Runner Up: no one

Well, that sucked.

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