Game 77: Cubs 6 – Rockies 4


Cubs 38-39, 7.5/6
Rockies 38-40, 6.5/6.5

POTG: 3B Mark DeRosa (2 H, HR, 2B, 3 RBI)
Runner Up: 2B Mike Fontenot (3 H, 2 R, RBI), Z! (6 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 8 K, W [9/73])

It may be tempting fate to bring this statistic out, since things divebombed last time, but I’ll risk it.

after 77 games
2007: 38-39
2006: 29-48

Whatever this team has been thru, it’s a 9 game improvement. I know the expectations were high, and probably deservingly so, but if this team ends up 18-20 wins better, I think it’s some measure of success even without the playoffs. Or, it’s some sign about how bad the 2006 team was flawed, I’m not totally sure.

This was the least Z start of the run, but it was plenty enough for this day. Just a week ago, Rockies were getting some hype about maybe finally making it thru the desert and coming out a playoff caliber team the other side. They looked quite like the same old Rockies thru this series.

It’s impossible for Fontenot to keep this up, but it’s sure the right move putting him out there until he can’t. They’ve just got to be prepared to move on when it’s time.

It would seem like future ex-Cub Jacque Jones has played in his last home game at Wrigley, but the constant theme to trade talk about him this year is things are always taking much longer than anyone figures. My original thought was “the longer they wait, the less they’ll have to eat of Jacque’s salary”, but with Jacque glued to the bench, they’re just eating it in a less straightforward way each and every day. The only thing they can keep holding out for is more the other teams offering to take more money, but I can’t imagine that number increasing while Jacque’s playing time disappears. So we may be stuck here a while.

No Dempster till after the All Star break, and you get the impression Lou may just go by committee, though never actually saying that word. Hopefully it won’t be too interesting.

3 Responses to Game 77: Cubs 6 – Rockies 4

  1. First things first, I don’t care who you are, when you hit .400 in the big leagues you will play and I promise this as well, luck only lasts so long, maybe 2 or 3 games. NOW when you get a hit in 17 of 18 games it no longer becomes luck. DOES ANYONE NOTICE THAT WHEN FONTENOT CAME UP THE CUBS STARTED WINNING. If I am correct he has scored or had and RBI in every single one of their wins, a couple where he has scored twice or more than two RBI’s, and some of these wins were by two runs or less, so without him, THEY WOULD STILL SUCK. HE IS THE REASON THEY ARE GOOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is also the reason why the Cubs might actually win a pennant. Who is this guy to say “Oh well, too bad it is just luck and I hope they are ready to make a move when it’s time.” Good Cub’s fan you are, obviously you are the joke and just lucky someone doesn’t literally shove this comment up your ass. GOOD DAY SIR!!!!!!!!

  2. How can you literally shove a comment up an ass? A piece of paper with the comment written on it, or? And do you mean his comment or yours? So many questions. Win a pennant haha. Good day sir.

  3. I’m sorry I took such a harsh position like “if a guy stops hitting, you should stop letting him hit.”

    Also, Brant Brown.