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Game 62: Cubs 2 – Astros 1


Cubs 28-34
Astros 26-37

POTG: SP Z! (8 IP, 3 H, R, 0 ER, BB, 8 K, W [7/71]; HR [2/12])

After all the drama of the first 10 weeks, it’s hard to believe Z is second in the league in wins. (Hamels and Wolf have 8, a whole bunch of people have 7.) Yet, it took 8 innings of no earned run ball to finally get his ERA under 5.00. It’s still above average, but, hey, progress.

Nights like Monday, where Carlos is destroying the opposition, hitting the ball a long way, going nuts on every pitch and speaking in the third person – I know people like to say Jose Reyes is the most exciting guy in baseball, but I don’t think those people have seen Z when he’s on. He was on Monday night, and it was one of those nights where you can’t imagine the Cubs don’t end up signing him or just let him buy the team entirely. (Spring training would now move to Venezula. Saves on the e-mail.)

The high pitch count is worrisome, but understandable given the situation and it being Z. Dempster rebounded well enough, though you’d like not to see the walk. People who are paid to report on this team have been hoping for LSU double play combination to be used, so it’s nice they actually did something this game.

The A Ram DL/Floyd activated bit was confusing to me, because Floyd didn’t have to be activated yet and wasn’t at the park for the game. I can only figured the situation changed during the game, and I guess they got away without needing that 25th player in this game. They also didn’t have to use Marquis and Lilly out of the bullpen, though both seemed ready to do it (and it might make sense to have Lilly ready tonight, to get some extra work in on his throw day.)

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